Business Phone Systems

Akron Form to Phone 24/7 Customer Service

Instantly convert a prospect’s online form request to a phone call within seconds.

83% of an online prospect’s purchase results from an email request.

Business’s lose 71% of business from new leads due to unanswered email form requests.

  • Local Lead Production will reformat your current online contact request form and optimize it for instant phone to phone communication.
  • Our state-of-the-art Power Call System will convert any contact request into an immediate phone call to you or your sales reps in seconds.
  • The sales rep will receive a phone call then be prompted to be connected with the new prospect. The sales rep will except to be connected by pressing 1.
  • The new prospect will be called right away while the sales rep awaits on the phone.
  • The entire process will take about 45 seconds from when the prospect’s request was initially submitted.
  • Never again will you lose business due to an unfollowed up email from a new prospect.
  • All calls are recorded for training purposes.